What does homeopathy treatment entail?

Homeopathic treatment essentially entails intake of oral medicines, which are prepared by very specialized process called Potentization, which consists of intake of medicine, which is in the form of nano-particles. Recent breakthrough research at one of the most leading engineering institutes (IIT-B) has found nano-bubbles in homeopathic medicines.

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What is homeopathy not good for?

Homeopathy is not at its best in critical diseases requiring urgent attention such as severe infection, heart attacks, accidents, truly surgical diseases, cancers, etc.

Why didn’t your primary doctor inform you about homeopathy?

Homeopathy medical science is not taught in the conventional medical colleges. Your primary doctor or family doctor is likely to be trained in the conventional medicine, who is likely to be completely un-aware about the scope and role of homeopathy. The medical education has not yet evolved fully. Time will come when all the doctors will have training and exposure to all the medical faculties.

What must you know about homeopathy as an informed patient?

As an educated and well-versed patient, one must know of the option of homeopathy as a way to treat chronic diseases. It should not happen that you or your loved ones get deprived of the benefits of homeopathy only because you didn’t know that homeopathy existed!

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